Closet Organizing Tips

COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET:  Closet Organizing Standards  

By Teresa Safranek, Design Specialist – Artisan Custom Closets

There are a few simple things that you can do to organize a closet that can create a closet haven! Let’s begin with the basics…



  • Organize by sleeve length first—NOT Start with the tops that are “inside the hanger” (no sleeves). That would be camisoles, tank tops, and sleeveless. Then work your way down the arm to short sleeve, ¾ length, and long sleeve.
  • After organizing the sleeve length, then you can organize by color. Either light to dark, or, ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) with neutrals at either end.
  • Now the placement is also critical! All “inside the hanger” shirts should always be at the TOP. They only hang out 18” into the aisle. Sleeves hang out 21-24” into the aisle. This creates a neater look with the flush sides of the garment, and, it creates more aisle space.


  • Pants that are hung over the hanger should also be placed at the top. We usually put them on the bottom because that is where we wear them, but, it is so much easier to see them at the top, as well as being a cleaner look, and making the aisle space wider at shoulder level.
  • Organize pants by style-dressy, casual, and jeans.
  • Organize by color after you organize by style.


  • Organize dresses always by HEM LENGTH! Go from the shortest to the longest. This creates a triangle where you can store more items if necessary!


FYI…average for a woman is 60pr!

  • Shoes are best stored on flat shelves to maximize space. You can store them with toes to the front and heels to the back.
  • If you need another inch or so, try placing the shoes with 1 facing front and 1 facing heel. You gain a little space doing this.
  • If you are a “shoe-aholic”, try stacking them on top of each other.
  • You can also invert them like they come in a shoe box and stack on top of each other.
  • Flip Flops and sandals you can invert on top of each other, then turn on their sides and sandwich them all the way down the shelves. You can easily get 20 pair on a shelf!
  • DO NOT buy shoe cubes or shoe cubbies. They are too small to hold a pair of adult shoes!


  • Purses are not meant to hang on hooks in the closet. They are best stored on flat shelves. To keep their shape, try stuffing with acid free tissue paper. You can also use shelf dividers to keep them from falling over.



  • Once again, organize by sleeve length. Easy for men! Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve!
  • After the sleeve length, organize by the fabric—woven (cotton/dress shirts) or knit (polos) or t- shirts (no collar).
  • Now you can organize by color!


  • Same as above!
  • Pants go on the TOP since they are “inside the hanger”!


FYI…20 pr is average for a man!

  • Flat on a shelf is the best way for men’s bulky shoes.
  • If you need another inch or so, try, placing the shoes with 1 facing front and 1 facing heel. You gain a little space doing this.

NOTE! Please also provide a small trash can in your closet to throw away new garment tags, dry cleaning bags, and store bags!

Now…You are COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET with the AHHH feeling! You can find your clothes and start your day with a lot less stress. Come on out of the closet!

Motto: Make the world a better place one closet at a time!

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