Client Testimonials

“Gigi works as a professional organizer with several of our employees and customizes an organizational strategy for each individual. She has done this by attentively listening to the employee’s current situation, assessing possible organizational solutions with them, and selecting the solutions that best fit their work style. Each of the employees benefited from the investment we made, and we are grateful to Gigi for her organizing services. She continues to be an asset to our firm.”

-Katie Stone, SPHR – Human Resources Consultant

“I have found a lot of value in applying the tools Gigi has given me to my work projects and am being more assertive with others regarding deadlines. I have felt more productive in the last two months than I have felt in the last couple of years.”

-Amy J. Guinn, MA – Health Communication Specialist

“Hiring Gigi was the best decision I have ever made! She helped me find the floor of my second bedroom. She helped me organize my office desk, so that I am more efficient. Seriously, if you have a clutter problem, she should become your go-to person.”

-Betsy Pass, Community Relations Manager-CPA Organization

“As a professional organizer, Gigi helped me decide what to keep, what to discard and where to file things. Now, not only can I find what I need quickly, my creative space looks completely neat and professional.”

-Sincerely Grateful, Roe Loyle – Residential Client

“My fiancé and I really enjoy working with Gigi. She is very friendly and easy to work with. While helping us organize our office, she also helped us create a system to stay organized, which has proven very beneficial. Another great thing about working with Gigi is that she does research to recommended products that will help you get even more organized. The products she’s recommended for us have been very useful. We have referred our friends to Gigi and will continue to highly recommend her. She’s a great professional organizer!”

-Jordan Fox, Residential Client

“I highly recommend Gigi as a professional organizer. I hired her to help me set up my new office when I started my law firm. She helped me decide where my office supplies and files should be stored and how my work stations should be most efficiently laid out. Gigi is also a great motivator to get rid of clutter. She and I were quickly able to sort through boxes and files and determine what to keep and what to toss. Now everything has a place!”

-Laurie Speed-Dalton, Attorney